In conclusion, children

In conclusion, children He scoring - a nail.

Particular attention should attract children to the fact that all the pictures that were previously deferred in the group she should be shifted to the group, he, My dad works.

He ironed.

This job should be to help children in the entry, but we must strive to ensure that children learn to formulate their own statements on for this topic.

Performing this task is summarized with the phrase: In my mother's mother is resting holiday and my dad does all the work: and her and Mami well.

In conclusion, children are encouraged to gather a bouquet for mom and hearth rit it on his own behalf and on behalf of the Pope.

When practiced this phrase: I love my mother.

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They all want to do things

They all want to do things Once they began to Neanderthals, they began to question everything.

They all want to do things his way, and since they are now guided arhipragmatizmom then begin to apply this approach to you.

For example, they see no reason to fill the bed every morning.

It seems to them silly.

They will adhere to this point of view, until you get married and do not realize how wrong.

Boys will not change their opinions about the unmade beds for mothers.

They will change it just for women.

You can fight if you want, but I would advise you not to worry because the unmade bed: you will have many more of these to worry about.

Do not get angry over nothing, let this understands his future wife.

Keep disputes over trifles to a minimum.

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First, it is striking

First, it is striking Heyerdahl ), musician ( Prokofiev ), physics ( Feynman ), writer and poet ( M.

Tsvetaeva ).

They lived in different historical periods, in different countries, in different material conditions of families and different cultures.

But there are many similarities in the fate of the origin and development abilities of these children.

First, it is striking children's readiness to be surprised and fascinated seemingly ordinary objects, events, or natural phenomena.

Secondly, getting emotional charge 88 CHAPTER From hobby to vocation from this impression, they begin to show remarkable persistence in active taking what for them was important and necessary.

And this activity is gradually turning into a strong interest, and then, perhaps, and the profession.

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Saying: Positive attitude: Saying: mood: Positive

Saying: Positive attitude: Saying: mood: Positive It's much safer than any of us will zigzag along these roads in his car.

Brother, you would not have allowed time dumyvaya Positive attitude: Some limitations of time to reconsider.

Each girl's way of describing his feelings least put tion complaints, grievances and statements expressing their point of view.

Paste in the following omissions typical statements of his daughter, which you have heard is regular, and try to formulate words behind her positive attitude.

Saying: Positive attitude: Saying: mood: Positive Saying: Positive moods; Will act Throughout his life, our girls are waiting for us to understand, support, advice, and sometimes action.

T ime and effort that we put into them until they Malena Kieu, come back to us a hundredfold when children enter into adolescence, when the biological and emotional impulses by discontinuities sometimes push them in one direction and then the other, requiring us patience , flexibility and kindness.

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Teresa and Bob were

Teresa and Bob were They really badly frightened.

Do you understand why they feel? She nodded.

Well, would you like us to try to understand together, that all became a little easier and safer, and all became normal again? I think so.

Well, fine.

When things went awry? Fear - is a very dangerous emotion.

Up to a point it can be useful (fear sometimes helps to concentrate), but like so much else in this life, in large quantities it is harmful.

Teresa and Bob were nice people and very worried about my daughter.

And for that they had good reason.

They were also at the funeral of Helen.

Chloe was in a clinical depression, and it's bad.

But she took antidepressants under the strict supervision of a child psychiatrist, and it was good.

She received individual assistance from an experienced medical practitioner who helped her develop stronger coping mechanisms and adaptation to stress conditions, which is also very good.

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